我是束骏杰,一名耶鲁大学新生。 艾琳,读了你的公开信后,我更坚定的相信选择耶鲁是正确的,我很期待将来与你合作以实现我们所期望的改变。 但是,你的公开信中的部分观点我无法赞同。我担心这些观点会在美国华裔乃至亚裔群体中引发分歧,导致大家无法达成共识并采取行动。在阅读了一涛和朱锟(Kalos)的深入答复后,我也希望表达一些我的想法。

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Response to Chinese-American Open Letters

My name is Matthew Shu, and I am a rising freshman at Yale University. Eileen, your letter reaffirmed to me why I have chosen to attend Yale, and I hope to collaborate with you in the future to achieve the changes we both call for. However, I disagree with parts of your letter and I worry that similar disagreements have distracted others in the ...

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